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Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrow heddarr




The CMB was the first game to utilise the Stalker engine which has formed the basis for all subsequent games, including the CMA, CM4, and CM3 Black Box. The initial CMBO game had lots of bugs and various issues which affected playability, and was subsequently released with a number of changes, including revised rules, and a wide range of additions and improvements. The first CMBO game came out in 1999 and was based on the name and style of the original Combat Mission, with the only change being the addition of the Normandy landing grounds. CMBO 3 (CMBO3) is based on the real life landings at Normandy 1944. One of the best game features of the new CMBO3 game are the dice rolls. In the CMBO3 game, you control all the dice rolls and the outcome is completely random, making the game truly dynamic and unpredictable. During the game you can add add-ons, new units and a new scenario. In CMBO3 a variety of maps and variants are available to help you recreate the real life landings. Specifications Game length is always about 30 to 60 minutes per game Full 7' long, 6' wide hex map Scenario builder enables you to add special features to the game Units can be altered and set up to be unique Includes all maps and units in one game Rules are based on all three Combat Mission games Stick figures, plastic figures, and Z-sheets Supplied in a beautifully produced box with fold out instructions Game Contents: Map of the 7' x 6' landings Cards explaining each unit Instructions for game setup Dice, rules, and counters Introduction sheet How to play Counters and countersheet 2 land group counters and 4 spire counters 6 land group counters, 40 landing craft counters, and 20 transport counters 6 x player map with scale 2 x unit counters 3 x landing craft counters, 2 x troop counters, and 1 x supplies counters 4 x troop counters, 4 x supply counters 6 x figure counters 1 Z-sheet for hex tables 1 wargame chart 1 card explaining the second part of the game 1 card explaining the dice roll 1 card explaining the objective 1 card explaining the following game steps





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Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrow heddarr

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